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Precision Magnetics: Custom Design & Mil-Spec Solutions

As a manufacturer that continues to prioritize the customer, SI Manufacturing produces an array of highly reliable precision magnetic components that set industry standards. Our lead magnetics engineer has over 40 years of experience and designs our magnetic assemblies to be incredibly accurate to specifications, both as a paper design and physically manufactured assembly. Popular magnetic components among our customers include transformers, inductors, reactors, and magnetic amplifiers, but we are capable of manufacturing many more precision magnetic components upon request.


We manufacture several different types of transformers. Our single and multiphase transformers can reach up to 50kV. SI Manufacturing also produces current transformers that are available in a range of customizable sizes. All of our transformers can either convert milliwatts to kilowatts or millivolts to kilovolts. Vacuum or pressure multi-compound encapsulation options are also available for any transformer orders, as well as other projects.

Inductors and Reactors

Our precision magnetic assemblies are built to withstand high levels of vibration and extreme environments. Because so many of our reactors and inductors are built with an emphasis on durability, they are able to meet military-grade quality standards.

Magnetic Amplifiers

Our magnetic amplifiers are ideal for amplifying electric signals for applications that require high-reliability and thorough safety measures. Our products are also suited for unusually demanding applications.

Precision Winding for Magnetic Components

specialized windingWhen it comes to our precision winding capabilities, SI Manufacturing can accommodate wire sizes ranging from heavy to fine configurations (00 to 48). We particularly specialize in bobbin, coil form, toroidal, and air core precision winding.

Encapsulation Capabilities for Magnetic Components

Our wide range of encapsulation capabilities include:

  • Spray
  • Dip
  • Assembly Molds
  • Meter-mix (epoxy and urethane)
  • Vacuum and/or pressure processing utilizing oil, varnish, epoxies, urethanes, silicones, etc.

Test And Inspection Capabilities for Magnetic Components

We inspect all of our precision magnetic components thoroughly to guarantee quality in every order. Our inspection process includes electrical, functional, visual, mechanical, and environmental testing.

Applications for Precision Magnetic Components

Our custom-designed and built-to-print precision magnetic components are capable of numerous uses, and, as a result, serve a wide variety of different industries. We have served space, mil-spec, medical, and high-grade industrial applications. Learn More about the industries we serve with our precision magnetic components here.