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Industrial Electronics

Serving Various Sectors of Industrial Electronics

At SI Manufacturing, we serve a global market and accommodate a wide range of manufacturing needs. One of the more niche industries that we serve is offering our expertise in industrial electronics manufacturing to market sectors such as railway and other transportation-related electronics. We offer everything from sensors to power solutions, each tailored to our customers’ unique needs.

From Railway Electronic Components to Custom Power Solutions

SI Manufacturing is a trusted supplier of electronic parts for railway applications. Not limited to small projects, our capabilities are ideal for large railway projects. Notably, our specialized devices have included magnetic sensors used in railway monitoring and a wide array of electrical signal filters for railway communications. Our experience serving the railways is unmatched, providing us with the necessary skills and knowledge to produce every railroad-related order with excellence.

Quality and Reliable Solutions for Niche Markets

We are equipped with machinery to produce everything from power management tools to custom electronic parts. Whether you are looking for industrial electronic equipment that will withstand harsh environments for longer periods of time, or require devices that offer improved performances, SI Manufacturing has your needs covered.

Innovative Custom Electronics Manufacturing for all of our customers

While the broad electronics industry is constantly and quickly evolving, so is the sub-industry of industrial electronics. SI manufacturing remains competitive by continuing to innovate our manufacturing approach. We serve our customers by investing in both the research and development of ground-breaking new electronic manufacturing technology, resulting in higher quality products and more cost-efficient industrial electronics options.

Industrial Electronics Manufacturing You Can Trust

At SI Manufacturing, we understand how crucial it is for our customers to trust the quality of their industrial electronic equipment. The transportation industry, in particular, depends on our products to maintain safety in their work environments. Because of this, SI Manufacturing gives thorough attention to every electronic component order that we fulfill, ensuring that every product reflects the SI Manufacturing standard of excellence. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to request a quote today to partner with us.