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Your Personal Expert for Custom Electronic Solutions

1440 S. Allec Street
Anaheim, CA 92805

Custom Electronic Solutions

SI Manufacturing provides end-to-end custom electronic solutions services from concept through manufacturing. With over 60 years of industry experience, we can handle even your most challenging custom electronic orders—simply give us a call and our team will handle the rest!

Custom Electronics Manufacturing

With SI Manufacturing, we offer custom-produced electronic solutions and build-to-print orders. We have dedicated space for your project in our facilities, and are capable of receiving and verifying kits through custom packing and shipping. 

Custom Power Conversion and Magnetics Electronic Solutions

The following list of electronic solutions are examples of assembly types and supplies that SI Manufacturing is capable of custom designing and producing:

  • Linear and switch-mode power supplies
  • Filters and black box assemblies
  • Single and multi-phase transformers, current transformers
  • Specialty inductors, reactors and magnetic amplifiers
  • Precision windings and specialty encapsulation processes

This list is by no means exhaustive; SI Manufacturing serves a multitude of electronic assembly needs across a variety of industries, serving industrial applications as well as commercial needs.

Custom PCB Assembly Electronic Solutions

SI Manufacturing is well-versed in the many areas of PCB assembly. From through-hole, surface mounting, and mixed technology services, our team handles production complexities that lesser manufacturers may fail to address. When PCB, box build, or cable and harness needs arise, SI Manufacturing is available to lend our expertise to your assembly project.


SI Manufacturing utilizes the superior talents of our workforce over highly automated processes for most custom electronic solutions, ensuring hand-crafted quality in every order. However, our company does branch into equipping our facilities with mechanizing technology because we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best possible costs while still maintaining the level of quality that SI Manufacturing is known for.

Custom Electronic Module Solutions

From Printed Circuit Assemblies with interface hardware, to Full Box Builds built up to your top-level product, SI Manufacturing can produce assemblies with one or more modules incorporated into the design. Moreover, we produce custom encapsulations using a wide range of processes, including vacuum or pressurized methods. These processes can be carried out using oil, varnish, urethane, epoxy, silicon, or a different substance of your choosing.

First Article Inspection

Many custom electronic orders require a first article inspection. During first article inspections, certifications for all materials and processes required by the drawing shall be provided. Variables data for all drawing specified tests/measurements will be supplied with the first article. This inspection process is an essential procedure we perform to ensure quality products are delivered to our customers.