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Space Industry

In SI Manufacturing’s early years, our company set out to “do the impossible” and fulfill the exacting requirements of the newly born “space age”. Our early growth in producing space electronic components involved manufacturing outstandingly precise coils. Such coils are still an important part of SI Manufacturing’s overall activity, but today we offer an even larger variety of industry-leading components for our space customers beyond coil manufacturing.

Military Grade Electronic Components for Space Applications

Our work with Space industry companies requires a specific level of quality to meet industry standards. There are a limited number of  circuit board manufacturers in the United States that are approved to provide electronic components for aerospace airborne applications. SI Manufacturing stands out as one of these select few companies that are trusted to produce crucial electronic assemblies for the aerospace industry. Our PCB manufacturing and assembling operation is ITAR registered and has been certified to meet or exceed all major Mil/Aero requirements.

Spacecraft and Space Electronic Components That Withstand Harsh Environmental Conditions

Whether as a result of vehicle launches or dynamic structural shock, electronic components can be put through extremely harsh conditions. Printed circuit boards, in particular, are constantly exposed to significant vibration. Since shock exposure could potentially cause extreme damage to a low-quality PCB, it is crucial to invest in a product that is manufactured by a trustworthy supplier.

Our products are held to increasingly high standards for technical performance. With years of airborne and space industry experience, SI Manufacturing is not only able to meet the necessary standards for high quality, but is also able to produce our components and assemblies at affordable prices.

Capabilities for Highly Specialized Space PCBs

In addition to our broad ability to meet strict reliability standards and extreme environmental tolerances required for the Space industry, SI Manufacturing offers a wide range of specific electronic component manufacturing capabilities. These capabilities include: assembling multi-layer boards,  producing magnetics of every size and description, through hole- and surface-mount PCA assembly, mechanical assembly to precision tolerances, comprehensive electronic testing, and experienced environmental testing.

Application of Power Electronics in Space

Our electronic products have numerous potential applications and uses within the  space industry. Our products have been used on the Gemini, Apollo, Viking, Voyager and Galileo spacecrafts, the Space Shuttle, Space Telescope, and the NAVISTAR Global Positioning Satellite Systems, to name only a few examples of our space products in action. SI Manufacturing offers our expertise and service to all areas of the space industry.