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US-Based Contract Manufacturing

With ever-increasing global production capabilities, sourcing your manufacturing projects off-shore can be tempting. However, U.S.-based contract manufacturing is still your best option. Not only will it save you time and money, but choosing the right U.S.-based manufacturers can also improve your production efficiency, speeding your product to the market. 

Here are just some of the reasons why U.S.-Based Contract Manufacturing is your best option, especially if you’re based in the United States. 


In our post-Covid world, there are astronomical logistics costs for working with remote or overseas vendors. While the price might initially seem more competitive up front, shipping costs and higher minimum order requirements increase the price in the long run. There is also the added environmental impact of increased energy resources, which further detracts from the benefits of international outsourcing.

Sourcing domestically also saves you much more time. Many raw materials are mined and processed in the United States, and thus won’t need to be shipped back and forth overseas between projects. This streamlines overall production as well as the product’s time to the market. Working with U.S. based manufacturers also saves you time as many of them are willing and capable to provide single-source contract manufacturing. They’re able to manage the entire project and supply chain, saving you on additional shipping time and costs. 

There are other barriers that have to be considered when sourcing internationally. Cultural and language differences can slow down communication, which then reduces production efficiency and forces you to extend your timeline. International time zones are another large barrier to communication as well. Finding the appropriate times to communicate across time zones is difficult, especially the further separated one is from their supplier. And this doesn’t just apply to you, but to every part of your supply chain. 


The historically competitive nature of the US marketplace has produced some of the most specialized production facilities in the world. Thanks to processing efficiencies and proven organizational models, domestic companies have more extensive and technical experience. Experience and constant innovation have helped US companies develop some of the industry’s most streamlined production processes and techniques. You’re more likely to receive a higher-quality product, with fewer rejects, and on a much more efficient timeline.

Concluding Thoughts

When you work with domestic suppliers, you eliminate the cultural and linguistic barriers that can impact everything from production schedules to quality control. Sharing a common outlook and agenda goes a long way toward building lasting relationships. Also, you can be certain that domestic manufacturers and suppliers are providing safe and clean factory environments and working conditions for their employees. In addition, because you are investing in companies employing US workers and paying US taxes, engaging US-based contract manufacturers will further reinforce your brand perception and network, increasing sales.

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