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Reducing our carbon footprint

Taking steps to promote eco-friendly practices at SI Manufacturing

At SI Manufacturing, eco-friendly isn’t just a buzzword for us–over the years we have taken several steps to improve our company’s sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint in our everyday operations. Not only do our efforts produce less waste, but they also improve our efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the long run for our customers. 

As an Anaheim-based manufacturing company, SI Manufacturing is compliant with all of California’s stringent regulations surrounding environmental legislation and protection. Several years ago, we also installed a more sustainable air conditioning system for our shop that reduced our electricity use while still maintaining a safe working environment for our team. 

We’ve also taken several steps over the past couple of decades to digitize more of our paper activities. Not only do we use–and waste–less paper, but we can also better track work orders and improve our workflow. While our digital transformation is still in the early stages, we have been able to significantly improve our efficiency throughout our shop, and we have a general target to digitize a large percentage of our paper use over the course of the next year.

Another way that we improve our shop’s sustainability is through employee training. We strive to produce as little waste as possible. Our procurement team is always careful to acquire only the materials that we need, so that we don’t have a large inventory taking up space and not being used. We also train our shop floor to be efficient with the resources they work with, using only what they need. This means that we can keep costs low and generate very little raw material waste. 

Thanks to our efforts, we can offer our customers cost-effective and efficient electronics manufacturing solutions that they can trust are sustainable as well. Every day, our team takes small but significant steps towards making SI Manufacturing a more efficient and sustainable Anaheim manufacturing company. 

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