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Meeting Aerospace Standards: Quality and Precision at SI Manufacturing

The Aerospace components manufacturing market has the most stringent regulations on quality and performance compared to any other manufacturing sector. There is no room for failure in any part of aerospace manufacturing, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and reliability of electronics systems.

The result of this need for high reliability and quality was the development of various standards specific to the aerospace industry. As an electronics manufacturer who serves aerospace equipment needs, SI Manufacturing is compliant with the major aerospace and standard manufacturing regulations for our field, including AS9100, ITAR, and IPC.

AS9100 Certification

The main aerospace-related certification that SI Manufacturing maintains is a quality management system certified to AS9100D requirements. The AS9100 certification is a standard for anyone working in aviation, space travel, and defense related sectors. Based on the ISO 9001 standards, AS9100 sets the regulations for quality management systems in manufacturing shops who specialize in aerospace equipment of any type, including parts, components, and assemblies. This is an internationally recognized standard often adopted by all levels of the aerospace industry and supply chain that encourages good business practices and improved quality management.

ITAR Compliance

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations is a U.S. government regulation that specifically controls the manufacture, sale, and distribution of any products and services that are defense or space-related. This includes electronics systems and any technical data attached to the products, such as plans, diagrams, and other documentation. SI Manufacturing is ITAR compliant and registered, ensuring the safe and regulated transfer of technical data and electronics products between ourselves and our customers.

IPC J-STD-001 Compliance

SI Manufacturing is also compliant with the IPC J-STD-001 standards for the production of soldered electrical and electronic assemblies. This standard is set by the IPC, which has developed world-recognized standards for PCB manufacturing and assemblies of any type. The J-STD-001 was specifically designed to establish best soldering practices in the industry, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of the product under different environmental conditions.

Looking for a supplier of quality custom aerospace components?

SI Manufacturing is a trusted partner for electronics manufacturing in the aerospace and military sectors, with a long history of quality and reliability. Check out our website to learn more and to request a quote.