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How Custom Magnetics Can Optimize Your Electronics Assembly

In the world of electronics assembly, high quality is the key to maximizing overall operational efficiency. With SI Manufacturing as your partner, a wide range of custom magnetic products are at your disposal, allowing for fully optimized electronics assemblies. As opposed to standard magnetic components, these custom magnetics are built according to each customer’s unique needs and requirements. Learn more about how custom magnetics impact the industry for the better and consider the ways that these products could benefit the workflow of your facilities.

What Is a Custom Magnetic Device?

Custom magnetic devices typically have standardized counterparts that customers are likely already familiar with. From transformers, to inductors, reactors, and magnetic amplifiers, SI Manufacturing is able to custom design magnetic components using fine or heavy configurations.

Custom magnetic orders can also be delivered as an assembly itself— combining components like inductors and capacitors together to create a complete custom magnetic assembly. Unlike generic “off the shelf” magnetic devices, these custom projects can be fitted with unique mounting features and configurations to ensure the highest degree of functional efficiency is achieved during assembly use.

When To Order A Custom Magnetic Device?

While it is true that standard magnetic devices can often be purchased at lower upfront costs than custom magnetic devices, there are many instances when investing in custom magnetic devices proves to be the most cost-effective option.

Optimizing for Cost and Material Availability

The main reason for a design engineer to choose to order a custom magnetic device is when there is simply no alternative that matches the exact mechanical or electrical requirements necessary. However, even in instances where a standard off the shelf magnetic product can technically be utilized for an electronic assembly, design engineers may still opt for a custom order if the assembly can be optimized to use more widely available materials.

Especially in recent years, as supply chain disruptions have impacted entire global industries, it has become important to invest in flexible manufacturing strategies. Not only are magnetic alloys often costly, but growing demands can also impact the speed at which these materials are available. Fortunately, custom magnetic devices offer a solution.

While manufacturers still must work with magnetic alloys, as opposed to more common materials, such as steel or aluminum, custom magnetic projects can be designed to reduce the material needed to create a functional device. This ultimately reduces costs and enables manufacturers to better avoid inconvenient production delays.

Finding a Manufacturer for the Best Custom Magnetic Devices

Once you have determined that custom magnetic devices are necessary to optimize your electronic assembly, the next step is to find a reliable manufacturer that is able to meet your custom magnetic device manufacturing needs. Initially, it is important to verify that the magnetic device manufacturer has extensive experience working with your specific industry. For example, SI Manufacturing boasts years of experience working with medical, aerospace, defense, and automotive customers, making our company an ideal resource for many potential customers.

Furthermore, it is crucial to verify that your manufacturer is properly certified to carry out custom magnetic manufacturing projects. Once you have determined that a company is dependable and reputable among third-party sources, you can begin placing your custom magnetic order and reap the benefits of optimized electronic assemblies!