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Experience with Many Types of Encapsulations

SI manufacturing makes it our mission to possess expertise in all areas of custom electronics manufacturing service. One area, in particular, which our company has invested significant time and resources to develop is encapsulation. Electromagnetic coils and components are crucial to the functionality of the systems they are designed for, and as such, it is in a manufacturer’s best interest to protect these components using the best techniques available in the industry. 

Encapsulations are the ideal first-defense for coils, acting as a shield against harsh environments, high moisture levels and harmful fluids, and even improve electrical performance, especially at higher voltages. Beyond protecting coils from the general facility conditions that these parts will be used within, encapsulations can also be used to protect coils from damage during the handling and assembly processes. By maximizing the amount of safeguarding during every stage of custom electronics manufacturing, SI Manufacturing is able to provide customers with products that will last as long as they are needed.

Types of Coil Encapsulations: Vacuum Encapsulations

Vacuum encapsulations, also known as vacuum potting, is becoming an increasingly popular method of coil protection. By using an air-free technique during the encapsulation process, manufacturers are able to provide coil protection even amidst difficult to reach areas. As a result, voids can be avoided entirely. 

Types of Coil Encapsulations: Pressurized Encapsulations

Vacuum encapsulated parts are not the only option SI Manufacturing offers customers— our team of experts also work with pressurized encapsulations. This coil encapsulation type also provides ample protection against difficult environments and corrosion. Electronic assemblies further benefit from pressurized encapsulations due to the way that added protection further improves voltage and temperature resistance as well.

Coil Encapsulation Materials

Coils can be encapsulated with several different materials, including Engineered Thermoplastic Material, Thermoset Epoxy material, or even Liquid Epoxy. Quick setting resins, in particular, are another encapsulation option which prove advantageous for orders that require quick turnaround. By employing the use of this beneficial material, customers can receive their encapsulated coils according to an expedited schedule.

Consult with SI Manufacturing to Determine if Coil Encapsulation Is Right for You

As you can see, investing in encapsulation can be the key to high functioning coil products. By maximizing structural integrity, the SI Manufacturing team produces electromagnetic parts and components for a wide variety of industries, accommodating even the harshest of work environments. If you are unsure whether or not you need to request coil encapsulation as part of your order, our team is available to consult with you to determine the most appropriate and advantageous course of action during the manufacturing process.