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Custom Magnetic Solutions

Custom magnetic devices are individually tailored to customer requirements. SI Manufacturing has built our entire business around being able to work alongside customers, communicating thoroughly to ensure each product is designed to specific specifications. Our custom magnetic options cover a wide range of products, including single and multiple phase transformers and specialty inductors. We invite customers to explore the ways SI Manufacturing can meet their needs by reading further about how we have already supplied countless industries with high quality custom magnetic solutions.

When Does A Designer Need A Custom Magnetic Device? 

While many people are able to find “off the shelf” products to suit their magnetic device needs, SI Mfg specifically works with customers with unique mechanical or electrical needs that require “tailor made” solutions. Often working with aerospace and defense industry projects, SI typically begins each project by designing a product that prioritizes high precision performance as well as cost efficiency. 

SI Assembly Projects

In the past SI Mfg has worked on various assembly projects. In many instances, customers come to us because they require special features for their custom magnetic devices, such as specialty termination configurations. In the case of space industry projects, SI not only produced unique assembly configurations for applications, but our design team manufactures components with such precision that the parts long outlived the expected lifespan.

Build to Print VS. Black Box

Because SI Mfg has worked with countless different customers on varying types of custom magnetic device projects, we are adaptable to every company’s individual preferences on manufacturing approaches. For example, our team has worked on both build-to-print projects and build to print projects alike. 

During build to print projects, customers come to SI Mfg with a comprehensive understanding of their own specifications, requiring little design engineering feedback. During these projects, our team follows the lead of our customers, taking into account detailed data points, such as values and tolerances for rated current, inductance, DC resistance, leakage inductance, turns ratio, primary / secondary voltage, etc. For build to print orders, SI Mfg can work from either 2D or 3D drawings when provided. 

“Black box”, or design to spec, orders, on the other hand, are projects which typically involve more input from SI’s design team. Customers who have benefited from this type of custom magnetic manufacturing service are typically those who know their base level input / output voltages and currents, but require the skills and experience of a well-rounded design team. 

Invest in the Best of Custom Magnetics Manufacturing

Because SI Mfg employs the best the industry has to offer and boasts high retention rates among our workforce, customers can rely on our company to handle every custom magnetic project with care. With a long history of customer satisfaction, there is truly every reason to partner with SI Mfg today!