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Custom Electronics Manufacturing: The Importance of Custom Transformer Winding

The heart of SI Manufacturing has always been coil winding of one kin or another. Over the past decades, we have built a wide range of systems, everything from simple transformers and inductors to the much more tricky or demanding projects that our customers require. We have found that a well-designed magnetic device can particularly improve the performance and durability of an assembly, which is why we want to stress the importance and value of custom transformer winding. 

The more precisely one can control the performance of a magnetic, the easier it is to dial in the other parameters of the system. That includes capacitors and related features, which are much more easily controlled with more precise transformers. The SI Manufacturing team has found that precision custom windings can greatly improve the manufacturability of a system–as well as reduce overall production costs and increase throughput. 

We have found success in value engineering power supplies and other assemblies, bringing our years of experience in the field to assist our customers. Through custom transformer winding in electronic assemblies, we have found great success in manufacturing a wide range of systems for our customers. We enjoy this collaborative service, as it allows us to work with our customers and often offers much more design flexibility during development, including material and component selection. This can be especially impactful as new core materials or dielectrics are introduced to the industry. 

While custom transformer winding is a little more expensive upfront than standard assemblies, it often results in lower production costs and improved system performance, because it leads to improved manufacturability of the entire system. Also, as mentioned above, good custom transformer winding often results in more precise control of the other parts of the system. This is an especially important feature for systems that have multiple components or systems that are more complex or challenging. Customization can provide solutions and flexibility for these products that standard transformer winding can’t. 

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