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Custom Coils: Revolutionizing Industries with Tailored Electromagnetic Solutions

One of SI Manufacturing’s capabilities is providing custom electronic solutions for our customers, from the initial concept and on through manufacturing. That includes supplying our customers with custom coils that are tailored to their specific, electromagnetic needs.

Custom coils can and have revolutionized many industries, depending on the capabilities of the manufacturer. Customized coils have many advantages over standard, off-the-shelf coils, including fitting tight space constraints, meeting unique geometry requirements, withstanding high thermal impact, and many other useful characteristics. Partnering with a custom coil manufacturer can not only prove to be cost-effective, it can also provide you with solutions that fit your specific needs. 

The applications of custom electromagnetic coils

Custom electromagnetic coils have applications in a wide range of industries. They are very versatile when it comes to size, shape, and the material from which they are made, and thus can be found in many places, even in critical applications. Some of the industries that SI Manufacturing has served that benefit greatly from custom coil manufacturers include Aerospace, Defense, and Satellites, a specialized sector of the Aerospace industry. 

We understand the need for highly reliable electronics across all of these markets, and we build everything to IPC Class 3 standards. In many of these industries, unreliable, low quality electronics can have disastrous consequences, up to loss of life, and we strive to provide the absolute best, mission critical coils for all of our customers.


Many critical components rely on custom coils in order to function, including transformers, inductors, and many other electromagnetic parts of aircraft launch systems. Because of its strict quality requirements and stringent guidelines, the Aerospace market benefits from customized solutions that meet these guidelines to prevent the failure of critical systems of aircraft. 


A more specialized sector of the Aerospace market that benefits from custom coils is satellites. Coils manufactured for this type of equipment have to meet strict regulations in order to survive the harsh conditions and provide optimal performance. They’re integral to the testing facilities for earth observation cameras, spacecraft thrusters, compass calibration, altitude control, and much more, and have allowed spacecraft technology to advance exponentially. 


SI Manufacturing is a proud supporter of the American military, whose equipment is highly dependent on custom electromagnetic coils. They are most often used in missile defense, signal protection, and signal jamming, allowing our military to do their critical work to protect the country. 

Are you in need of a custom coil manufacturer? 

SI Manufacturing has a dedicated staff with a combined experience that goes beyond a century of electronics engineering and more. We have the ability to handle a wide range of projects, providing our customers with fast turn-around, and custom products of every size and description. For more information on what we can do for you, contact us