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Job Opening: Electrical Engineer

The Electrical Engineer is responsible for designing and building test fixtures and troubleshooting major product issues during testing. They are expected to work in conjunction with the Manufacturing Engineer to create new product testing procedures and audit existing procedures. They will be expected to assist as needed with the setup of test equipment for production line assembly workers. They will also be responsible for coordinating with vendor and customer engineers for product development specifications and consultations. The Electrical Engineer will be responsible for overseeing the Electrical Test Technician, who will report directly to them, including managing their schedule and daily tasks.


Minimum Education–Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field. Must be familiar with product testing equipment and able to provide comprehensive training on diagnosing and troubleshooting during testing. Ability to speak and comprehend English, as well as read and comprehend technical drawings and documentation. 


Ability to design magnetics products such as transformers or inductors. Training will be provided as needed. Experience with mechanical design and 3D printing. Past experience in electrical engineering is preferred. Proficiency in Spanish and Vietnamese.

To apply, please fill out this form and attach your résumé