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HIPOT Testing

HIPOT Testing

SI Manufacturing recently walked our customers through the advantages of using encapsulations for their projects. In addition to the information presented in that previous blog post, we use encapsulations because they deliver a thicker layer of protection to our products, giving them a more remarkable ability to function correctly for longer lengths of time. This encapsulation process improves the results of HIPOT testing. 

HIPOT testing is a vital step in manufacturing custom magnetics. SI Manufacturing is proud to provide a wide range of testing capabilities that work alongside our encapsulation options.

What is HIPOT Testing?

HIPOT testing is also known as High Potential Testing. This test utilizes high voltages to determine whether the magnetic component can be relied upon to perform under large amounts of stress. Rather than exposing the assemblies to the amount of voltage used during typical usage, HIPOT testing uses considerably stronger voltage levels to ensure that integral components will not fail, even when subjected to extreme conditions.

As a company that serves industries that require the utmost reliability from their components, such as the aerospace and defense industries, SI Manufacturing takes our HIPOT testing strategies incredibly seriously. Using thorough HIPOT testing equipment, our team can detect any gaps or points of degradation that may threaten our products’ functionality.

How Hipot Tests Work

As mentioned above, HIPOT testing verifies the quality of many electronic and electromagnetic products using high-voltage power. The test works by connecting the supplied power both to the ground and to the tested product. Because various magnetic components will each present their own unique challenges and voltage requirements, there is no standard HIPOT test. Instead, specific testing levels can be determined using product type. And because Hipot testing typically involves hazardous voltages, the testing team must thoroughly understand the entire testing process. Our team is highly experienced in what we do, which is why we can provide the precise HIPOT test capabilities required for every project that we take on.