SI’s roots go back to 1953. Our present-day company is an outgrowth from a partnership between J. Ross Reed, Jr. and Clarke Reese, who together started manufacturing precision electronic coils in Reed’s home garage. After only a couple of years in the suburbs operations were moved to a more conventional commercial building in Pasadena, California.

With its early growth the company attained an enviable reputation for “doing the impossible” in the field of high temperature and very precise coils used to fulfill the exacting requirements of the newly born “space age.” Today such coils are still an important part of SI’s overall activity.

Future company development required the incorporation of these coils into more complete products, such as delay lines, transformers, and other magnetic components. During this expansion of its activities, the company developed and manufactured an increasing variety of components and sub-systems that were vital parts of many of the most advanced military and space vehicles, including products for the supporting ground equipment.

In 1965 operations were moved to Buena Park and products were expanded into more sophisticated power systems, such as electronically matched head coils for the Sidewinder missile and integrated coil/harness assemblies for the Trident submarine missile.

In 1980 we moved to our own, larger facility in La Mirada and for the first time had all operations under one roof. During this stage of our growth several very challenging Power Supply designs were developed in an increasingly competitive market. Applications included ICBMs such as PEACEKEEPER, jet engine monitoring systems, shipboard defense (PHALANX), and airborne missile launchers (AMRAAM). Commercial products were also initiated to balance the uncertainties of the defense market. During this period the founding partners died (1986, 1994 respectively) and left the reins to a new generation who had been actively involved in the company for many years.

We moved into our current Anaheim facility in 1995. This change provided us with better working conditions, which has led to an improvement in our overall productivity.

Since our beginnings, we have built on our magnetic component experience to expand our capabilities in the areas of design, qualification testing, and the manufacture of electronic systems. Our products have been on the Gemini, Apollo, Viking, Voyager and Galileo spacecrafts and are in the Space Telescope and the NAVISTAR Global Positioning Satellite Systems, in addition to being used on many national defense programs, medical systems, and commercial products. Over the last 10 years, we have become a major supplier to GE Transportation Systems, Rail Division and Progress Rail Services, a Caterpillar Company.

With the addition of semi-automatic through-hole and automatic surface mount equipment our PCA and contract manufacturing capabilities have been enhanced.

Our future plans call for a continued emphasis on quality, reliability, and service---and to keep on doing "the impossible.” In ever competitive business it is our goal that our customers are delighted to be doing business with us and our people are enthusiastic about their contribution. We intend to stay in the forefront of technological advancement where the requirements for quality workmanship, engineering leadership, and flexibility are vital.